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Screen shot 2011 07 28 at 10.48.57 PM VIDEO Review: Big Water SlideJack and Charlie really enjoyed using this Big Water Slide by Intex this summer at their grandparents house. I read mixed reviews online, but it worked great for us and we had 3 rough and tumble little boys playing with it (plus one Dad gave it a try). We didn’t have any trouble with leaks. Do make sure to hook up the garden hose, the water made it easier for the boys to slide down.

  • Attach garden hose for sprayers to wet slide surface
  • 8 heavy duty handles
  • Inflatable bases for stability
  • 7 air chambers

Busy Brothers Rating:

Four water-logged thumbs up from Jack and Charlie. They wore their bathing suits all day, every day for a week to be at the ready to jump in the pool and ride down this big water slide.

Busy Mom Rating:

We always stationed an adult at the bottom of the slide to help make sure our 2 to 5 years olds made it safely to the side of the pool. I can tell you, we had very tired little boys at the end of the day with this slide – they even went to bed before the summer sun was all the way down a couple of times!



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What’s your favorite big water slide?

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